I have been thinking a lot lately about who I am as a writer. I want to write all the books, all the words, so many different genres. Some days I feel like I am drowning in ideas and no time to write them all. Some will eventually make it to paper, while others will die slowly and fade away.  I’m sure my fellow creatives will understand this.

What does this have to do with finding your voice? Nothing and everything. Confusing, I know. Welcome to the world of being a creative person.

Okay, enough of my rambling. I’ll get to the point. Find your voice they say…what does that even mean. Your voice is everything, it’s you, the way you write, the way you tell a story.

Are you witty, charming, romantic, gritty…the list goes on. Most days I still don’t know the answer to this. After writing over 25 books, I feel clueless. (not all are published) I know I tend to steer toward dark and gritty. It’s my thing. You have to find your thing, your passion, that part of you that when it screams everyone listens.

Once you have that easy right?

Pump your brakes. Not so much. I know. I know but hear me out.

What’s more important than your voice- your character’s voice. If you tell me your hero is Scottish, I want to hear his accent in my head as I read your story. Ye ken me lassie and lads.

Sorry, maybe I have been watching too much Outlander. However, it’s important that your reader really connects with your character. I don’t mean give me a physical rundown, yes some of that is important, but sell me their soul. I want to feel them as if I am in the room with them when they speak.

A reader should recognize your character instantly without you having to tell them who is talking unless there are several people in the scene.

Get it. Learn it. Got it. Live it. Good.

Happy writing.


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