Blood Of A Rebel Preview


Blood Of A Rebel

Glenna Maynard

© 2016 All Rights Reserved

They say home is where the heart is and home is where you make it. What if you don’t know where home is but you can feel it in the shadows of your heart. All of his life Cole Johnson has felt something is missing. That there is a piece of himself he is desperate to find. He needs answers. Answers his parents refuse to give.  Who says you can’t come home again. Who says you can’t return from a grave you never knew you were lying in

Miracle has always felt that someone is missing from her life. She has always chalked it up to her mother being dead and having a father who never wanted her. When a newcomer arrives in her life, she can’t help but feel drawn to him. Deep in her heart, she knows they have met before, but where and when?


Chapter 1


Lexington, Kentucky


College is where you find yourself…find who you want to be, what you want to do with your life. I don’t know any of these things yet. Although I suppose it’s too early to tell. I’m trying to fit in, trying to go to my classes and get the full college experience, but my heart is elsewhere.

My heart is in Drag Creek.

My mind, however, is on the new guy in my life.

My Outlaw, my Cole.

Cole blew into my life out of nowhere.

I wasn’t expecting him; he really took me by surprise.

I had just gotten out of my Art History class when I saw him standing outside the student center. I’ll admit his red hair is what first caught my attention. When the sun hit his unruly hair, those streaks of copper and gold called to me. I found myself wanting to run my fingers through the short strands and see if they were as soft as they appeared. I wanted to run my fingers over the bottom half of his head where he was shaved to the scalp.

As though he felt the heat of my stare, he spun around, his dark eyes landing on mine.

I gasped, shocked by the intensity of those dark eyes behind his glasses.

His mouth arched into a delicious smile, and I knew despite his innocent and nerdy appearance, he was anything but safe.

The wild child yearning to be set free inside me did a little dance.

She knew he was dangerous beneath the surface.

His eyes traveled the length of my body, stopping at my mouth.

I licked my bottom lip and rolled both my lips inward.

“Hey,” he said.

“Hi,” I answered with a smile, my heart thumping out of my chest.

From there I was a goner.

He had me and he knew it.

There was no denying the pull I felt to him and him to me.

I stood there smiling like a dope and he ate it up.

He held his phone out to me.

“Put in your digits, I’m gonna call you.”

I didn’t even play hard to get in the least. I did as I was told and put my number in under Morgan.

His fingers brushed over mine as I handed it back to him. His touch took my breath away, and damn those eyes piercing me, casting a spell over me.

“You follow orders well Morgan, I like that shit.” He winked shoving his phone into the back pocket of his dark jeans.

I shrugged as if he wasn’t making me putty in his hands. He made me feel comfortable as if we were old friends catching up.

“I’m gonna call, you’ll answer.”

“Yeah,” I said with red cheeks, rocking back on my heels attempting to play it cool.

Then he was gone.

I practically floated to my next class.

It was two days before I saw him again, and this time he was on his motorcycle.

He was parked outside my dorm, all sexy, mysterious…waiting for me.

He lit up a cigarette, something that normally would turn me off, but there was just something so sexual in the way he flicked his lighter. When he flicked the flame, it was if he ignited a fire inside me, and I was burning bright for him.

He took a hard drag as I approached him.

“Nice Indian, quite an antique.”

His cigarette dangled from his bottom lip, I was sure it was going to fall at any moment.

His brows perk up. “You know a lot about motorcycles?”

“A little,” I said with a roll of my shoulders. I grew up around the Black Rebel Riders’  motorcycle Club. I’d have to be blind and deaf not to know about bikes.

Cole took another drag of his cigarette, blowing the smoke out with ease, before flicking it to the ground.

I snuffed it with the toe of my boot. “You know there’s no smoking.”

“You gonna report me?” He eyed me with a smirk. A smirk that said he knew I wouldn’t dare.

“No,” I gushed flipping my dark hair over my shoulder.

“Get on,” he said coolly.

“Can’t, I have class.”

“Too bad.” He turned his key and revved up his engine.

“Thought you were gonna call me?”

He shrugged and it pissed me off. He was already under my skin. No guy had ever gotten to me before, until him. Until Cole.

He was already pulling away when I began to wonder how he knew where I lived. I guess he could have looked me up in the student directory. How many Morgan’s could there be on campus? I was afraid to know and wasn’t about to find out.

For some reason beyond my control, I called after him, “Hey, Outlaw. Wait up.” I ran after him and he stopped. He didn’t even look back as I climbed on behind him. My arms went around his waist as though they had been wrapped around him all my life.

I sigh, missing him already.


“Earth to Morgan!” Bridgette snaps her fingers in my face. “You about ready to go?”

Bridgette is my roommate and totally adorable. She has that whole good girl in the streets and freak in the sheets thing going for her. I’ve not even mastered flirting casually yet. I’m such a dork. Slipping my black boots on I shrug. “I guess so.”

We’re getting ready for the football game tonight. I’m meeting Cole afterwards and I’m nervous.

We’ve been texting or as Bridgette calls it, sexting the past few days. I’m so nervous. I like him a lot, like really like him. He’s not my first crush or anything. But he is the first guy I’ve let past the friend zone.

I don’t date, like ever. With my whole being adopted thing, the thought terrifies me. What if I like a  guy and we end up related. Not cool. Cole though, he makes me want to forget and break my own rule.  That guy is not a boy like I’m used to dealing with though. He’s a man, all man.

Waving my hand over my ensemble I smile anxiously. “Do I look okay?” I’m going for sexy, but not desperate. I don’t want him thinking I’m easy. I’ve only kissed a few boys. Most were too terrified of my family to try anything with me. Rebel, my adoptive father, is super protective of me and my virtue. He said just because I was raised up around the club, it didn’t give me an excuse to be easy.

There was one guy, one time, I thought about giving him a chance, but he was only interested in trying to prospect and thought bedding me would be his golden ticket.

My knee in his balls told him otherwise. The jerk. I almost thought he was special. I was sixteen and stupid, but not that stupid.

Bridgette scrunches her nose and crinkles her eyes. Her hands start fussing over my hair, smoothing the flyaway strands. “Lose the creepy smile and change your shirt.”

Glancing down, I pinch the hem of my shirt between my fingers. “What’s wrong with this one?”  I love my purple shirt.

“It’s fine if you don’t want him to know you have boobs under there.” She points to my chest. I don’t have huge boobs. I wasn’t blessed in the chest like my older sister, Dawn.

“Whatever.” Shrugging my shirt over my head, I stand at my closet clad in my jeans and bra scanning the rack.

My bestie shoves past me. Her fingers comb through the hangers. She thrusts a white cami with a sheer overlay at me. “This. It looks great with your dark hair and tan. But most importantly…gives you fuckable cleavage.”

“I don’t know whether to thank you or be concerned that you know how fuckable my tits are,” I tease.

“Don’t say tits, it’s so crass.”

“You forget I grew up in a biker club, I have no class. I’m all sass.” I smirk pulling down my top.

Bridgette shakes her head, her long, dirty blonde hair swaying with the movement. Her brown eyes twinkle with laughter. “Now me. How do I look?”

Looking over her black leggings and form fitting grey Wildcat t-shirt I tell her, “Perfect. If you don’t land a football player soon, those boys might be dead or gay.”

“Right?” She grins putting her hoop earrings in.

Going to our small but fully functional bathroom, I check over my face. Have to make sure I don’t have a booger or something funky going on with my breath. Bridgette is dancing around to Def Leppard while she waits. She  loves 80’s hairband music.

I can’t get my mind off Cole and what may or may not happen tonight.

He told me no panties. I’m not wearing any. Not that I’m expecting anything to happen, but I am definitely open to the idea of Cole laying some sugar on me. I’m sure he expects me to show up with them on, so I want to show him, I’m not as innocent as he thinks.

Football games aren’t my thing really, but I suffer through them for Bridgette. Besides those tight pants that show off the player’s butts aren’t so bad. My cheeks redden at the thought.  Before we head out I straighten up the bathroom and check my phone to see if Cole has messaged me.

I’m stalling, but I’m so nervous. This is like my first date or something. The thought hits me like a freight train in the center of my chest. Holy shit! I have a real date with a hotter than hell guy. He screams everything my dad warned me about and everything my mom loves about him.

Waving my hands around I squeal and giggle while kicking out my feet.

“Morgan.” Bridgette grabs my shoulders, looking into my eyes. “Chill out bitch!”

I grin. “I have a date.”

“Fix it Jesus,” Bridgette groans as we go out the door.


“Yeah mom, I hear ya. I’m fine!” I snap, she won’t get off my ass.

I get that she’s still pissed I skipped out on UCLA, but I’m enrolled for the winter semester at UK. What more does she want from me? Fuck.

“Don’t take that tone with me. I still fund your good time you are so intent on having. Why Kentucky Cole?”

“I don’t know…they have a great basketball team.” I sigh and pinch the bridge of my nose. I’ve not told her about the diary. The one I found in the attic. The one that cemented that my whole life has been a lie.

“You don’t play,” she says, softening some.

“So, I like to watch. Put the old man on.” Talking to my dad is much easier. He doesn’t give me grief. He gets that I needed a break from school…my mom, Harper. Especially Harper.

Harper is this chick I was seeing back home, in Laguna Beach. She was cool and all but she was clingy as hell. Always on about her five-year plan or some shit. I get that she was goal orientated, but I wasn’t looking to marry her.

I didn’t even tell her I was leaving. I didn’t tell anyone, except Sara, my little sister. I didn’t want her to freak out or think I had deserted her. We get along for shit, but she’s my sister. It’s only natural we drive each other up the walls. Still, I didn’t want her to worry.

“Hey hot rod, you liking them Kentucky women?”

“Not sure yet, but I’m about to find out. I have a date tonight,” I confess.

“Atta boy. Who’s the girl?”

“Her name’s Morgan.” I smile just saying her name.

I picture her soft, innocent eyes and my cock twitches, itching to get to know how she feels.

“Listen, I know your mom comes off as a hardass, but it’s only because she worries and wants the best for ya.”

Scratching the back of my neck, I say, “Yeah, yeah I get it. I’ll check in soon.”

I’m eager to find out if Morgan kept her word, listened to what I said, and isn’t wearing panties. I’m standing in front of the Commonwealth Stadium. The game is nearly over and Morgan agreed to meet me near the exit afterwards. I thought about slipping in and surprising her, but I hate large crowds. They’ve never been my scene. I prefer hanging back and doing my own thing.

Harper always said I was anti-social. I prefer to call it anti-bullshit.

My phone pings and I’m afraid it’s going to be my mother wanting to go another round with me, but it’s Rhyner, my new roomie. I answered his ad for a spare room. The rent’s cheap and it’s close to campus. He’s a pretty chill dude. He doesn’t ask a lot of questions and gives me my space.

“Speak,” I grit out, wondering what he wants.

“Hey man, just wanted to give you a heads up. I’m having some people over. Pizza and beers, you can join us if ya like.”

I look up and see Morgan practically skipping toward me with a pouty looking blonde on her heels. “Thanks, I may bring a few chicks with me.”

“Alright, see ya soon.”

Clicking end on the call I shove my phone in my pocket and pull Morgan in close.

“Hi,” she says with an anxious giggle.

“Who’s your friend? I didn’t know this was a three-way.”

Morgan frowns and her friend rolls her eyes.

“I was kidding. My roommate is having a small get together. You guys wanna check it out?”

Morgan looks to her friend. It’s sweet she wants to make sure her friend is cool with whatever we do. The girl nods with a slight shrug. “Why not?” She smiles weakly.

“I’m Cole,” I introduce myself.

“Oh, duh. Sorry,” Morgan says getting all giddy. “This is Bridgette. Bridgette, Cole.”

“Nice to meet you.” She shuffles awkwardly biting her thumb, chewing on the tip of her manicured nail.

“Likewise.” I hug Morgan closer to me getting a whiff of her hair; she smells of almonds and vanilla. She’s peering up at me with big eyes and a smile that is all mine. Her lips are tinted a pale red and I want to taste them. “So, my place is a few blocks over. If you don’t mind the walk.”

“Awesome,” her friend says not the least bit enthused.

“Come on Bridgette, it’ll be fun. You need to meet some new people. Not be hung up on that jerk Coy Patterson,” Morgan encourages her.

She wrinkles her nose. “I know,” She lets the words out on a  sigh. “Okay. Let’s go.”

I’m sure there is a story there, but I don’t care enough to ask.

The three of us set off with Morgan’s hand tucked in mine and Bridgette walking next to us.

Leaning into Morgan, I run my free hand around the back of her jeans, dipping my fingers just inside the waist and skimming her bare skin.  She squeals and I whisper in her ear before she can get away, “I told you to be ready, good to know you listened.”

Shaking her head, she pulls away facing me. Her skinny finger waggles at my face. “Not so fast Outlaw. You can look, but you can’t touch unless I say.”

Her backwards step falters as I step forward. “That a fact?”

“It’s a promise.” I catch her by the wrist before she spins back the right way. Bridgette keeps walking, ignoring our flirting.

Morgan smiles big and wide, and all I can think about is getting those lips wrapped around the head of my dick. With my attention on her mouth, she spins around whipping her hair across my face.

The rest of the walk I’m trying like hell to get one kiss. Morgan isn’t having any of my advances and is making me work for it.

It’s all good.

I like the chase.

I have nothing but time.

I came to Kentucky thinking I’d go to Drag Creek and seek out my grandpa, but something held me back. I ended up staying in Lexington. I’d gotten Grim’s address, I was ready to hunt him down and get the truth from him, the truth my parents had kept secret for so long. I know talking to him would be better than asking my parents. My mom clams up anytime family is mentioned. She ignores me and Sara or changes the subject and goes straight for a glass of wine, my old man says their families weren’t worth knowing. However, the diary I found begs me to differ. I will meet them someday, just not today. Meeting Morgan put those plans on hold…for now.


Chapter 2


Cole keeps holding my hand and I am freaking out. I’m so afraid he will get grossed out by my sweaty palms.

This is new territory for me.

This…whatever it is with Cole, is all so new to me, but I’m loving every anxiety ridden second.

He stops short outside a brick building. Music is flowing softly from an upstairs window. “This is me.”

If he doesn’t give Bridgette and me a lift home later, my feet are going to hate me for a month.  I’m not used to all this walking everywhere.

I’m from the country.

I’m no city slicker.

Cole’s apartment is far from fancy, but it’s no dump either. When we walk in,there are four guys on the couch and some chick sitting in a recliner.  A pepperoni pizza is at the center of the coffee table along with a few beers. One of the guys gives Cole a chin lift and tells us to help ourselves to the pizza. There’s no way I can eat right now. My stomach is doing somersaults; I’ve never been to a guy’s place…like as his date.

Bridgette smiles with a polite thanks but no thanks.

Another guy introduces himself as Rhyner and gives his seat to Bridgette. I do believe he thinks she’s pretty; he can’t stop staring at her. She needs the ego boost after seeing Coy lip locked with some cheerleader. The dude isn’t too bad looking himself. Dark brown hair, shaved on one side, revealing a spider web tattoo on his scalp, not to mention his piercing green eyes and those tree trunks that make up his legs. His long legs fold up like an accordion as he sits on the floor next to Bridgette as she takes up his recent spot on the couch.

Cole grabs my hand, leading me to the small but quaint kitchen. The cabinets are dark oak and the counter is white tile. The appliances look new and unused but that’s what I’d expect to see with two bachelors.  Well…that or a pigsty.

Strong hands grip my belt loops jerking  me into the hard body they are attached to. Like I said, Cole is all man. His arms are thick and the span of his shoulders is huge. His pecs are hard like boulders as I steady my palms against his chest. He’s a real tall drink of water too. The top of my head hardly reaches his chin.

Those demanding fingers tilt my chin up as his dark eyes search my face. I’m not sure what he’s looking for, but whatever it is…he’s liking what he’s found.

I’m positive he’s going to kiss me with the way he’s gazing at me full of hunger. His adam’s apple bobs as he swallows before licking his perfectly kissable lips.

I suddenly feel hot and tingly all over. Did the temperature just rise?

With his head dipping down in the direction of my mouth, his lips nearly touching mine, I can feel the warmth of his smile. I can’t stand the anticipation. If he doesn’t go for it soon I may die right here.

What a tragedy that would be. I can just see the headlines now: Girl dies waiting to be kissed.

Closing my eyes, I pucker my lips, willing and ready. His minty breath tickles my nose as his facial scruff scratches my chin.

So close.

So freaking close.

Just kiss me already.

“Morgan,” he breathes out my name.

“Yeah…” I say, opening my eyes.

“Do you want a beer?”

“Wh-what?” the word gets caught in my throat. His question throws me for a loop. Wasn’t he about to kiss me?

“I said do you want a beer or something?”

“Sure,” I respond with a nod. As he opens the fridge, I cross the room and take up one of the stools at  the breakfast bar wondering what went wrong.

Is it my breath?

Oh shit!

Do I have a booger?

Cole slides the beer across the bar to me after opening it. I don’t really care much for the taste of beer. I’d rather have some of my dad’s moonshine. That shit will make a boy sprout hair on his chest. I can’t help but wonder if Cole’s chest is smooth or hairy, like a real man’s is.

Cole’s eyes are still on me and I feel all kinds of awkward.

Glancing over my shoulder Bridgette is chatting away, oblivious to my humiliation. If it didn’t appear as though she was having such a great time getting to know Cole’s friend, I’d fake an upset stomach and bail.

“Where’s your bathroom?” I have to get a peek in the mirror. If something is hanging out of my nose, I will die of humiliation.

“Down the hall, only door on the right,” he says.

In the privacy of the bathroom, I flip the light on and peer in the mirror checking my nose. Good, all clear. I slump against the wall. Why didn’t he kiss me? I blow my breath into my cupped hand. Nothing funky.

I count to sixty and wash my hands. I don’t want to stay in here too long.

Cole smiles when I emerge from the bathroom and is sitting on the stool I was previously occupying.

Returning his smile I feel a little better. Maybe he didn’t want to molest my mouth with his friends watching.

Going to the other side of the bar, I return to nursing my beer while thinking of something to say. He makes me so flustered I can’t even think straight.

“So…what are you majoring in?”

“Business. You?”

“I want to be an art therapist. My older sister is a speech therapist and she loves it. I love to paint, not that I’m all that good at it. But I want to help people. My sister’s husband, had this thing where he lost part of his tongue. So she went into learning speech therapy for him. You would hardly know he’s missing the tip with how far he’s come now.”

Oh my God, shut up Morgan. He’s going to think you’re some kind of weirdo.

He nods and I take a sip of my beer. When I get nervous I ramble. Shit. I find one guy that I like and I have to go and weird him out.

“You have a lot of sisters?”

“Just two, Harley and Dawn. Then there are my brother’s; Jamie, Axel, and Abel. Jamie’s in New York and Dawn lives in Virginia. Then Harley, Axel, and Abel are with my parents.”

“Big family. I just have my younger sister, Sara,” he tells me.

“That’s cool. I have two sets of siblings. My real mom died and my stepdad gave me up. It all worked out though. My adoptive parents are great. Oh gosh, I’m rambling, I’m so sorry.”

“Don’t apologize. I like listening to you talk. You get the cutest smile when you’re excited. Your bottom lip is so thick, juicy…damn…” He stops talking when he leans across the counter and claims my bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth, grazing me with his teeth.


Hot shit.

 Damn, that’s sexy.


“Yeah?” I say with a sigh.

“Stop talking.” He laughs as my eyes go wide.

“I said that out loud didn’t I?”

“Yeah, you did. I think that mouth of yours is sexy too.”

I know I’m blushing as I hide my face with my hands.

Cole’s large digits wrap around both my wrists trying to pry my hands from my face.

“Morgan, look at me.” he demands.

Spreading my fingers, I peek between the gaps. “What,” I mumble.

“Come with me.”

Dropping my hands I allow him to lead me down the hall to his bedroom.

Ahh! I squeal inside. I’ve never been in a dude’s bedroom before. Well, I’ve been in my little brothers’ rooms but they don’t count, obviously.

Cole’s bedroom is bare. There’s nothing personal on his walls. The only item hinting he even lives here is the bottle of cologne on the dresser.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he says all husky and seductive, “C’mere.” His gritty voice travels from my head to my toes, warming me much more than the beer has.

Yep, it’s definitely getting hotter in here.

I step further into the room, his hand reaching for mine. The tips of his fingers are cool from the beer can, when he touches me it gives me a small but pleasurable chill.His knees part as he pulls me to stand between them.

In one swift motion, he pulls me into his lap. His lips find my neck, peppering kisses along my collarbone as he brushes my hair behind my shoulder.

Unsure of what to do with my own hands as his snake up my shirt, I wrap them around his neck.

“Much better,” he says as he skims the outline of my bra.

If he touches my boob is that second base? I wonder. I’m so fucking lame. One would think growing up in a motorcycle club I would have seen my fair share of the clubwhores pleasing the brothers,but my dad made damn sure I wasn’t allowed at the Roadhouse, unless it was a family gathering. I mean I’ve seen things in movies and seen my friends make out with their boyfriends. I’ve just never done any of it myself.

Do I kiss his neck, suck on his ear, rub my fingers over his shoulders or through his hair?

He guides my hand away from his neck, bringing my hand to his mouth. Those wicked lips of torture brush against my knuckles and my thighs squeeze together wishing he was kissing my lips instead.

Finally, his mouth finds mine and this kiss could set the world on fire, or at least my panties…if I were wearing any.


Morgan’s tongue flicks against mine, tasting of beer, as her velvety lips  press against mine. I can tell she doesn’t know what to do. That’s okay though, I’ll guide her. I will show her how good being with a guy like me can be. I’ll show her  what kind of man I really am. I can be the good guy, but in the bedroom I love control. Sometimes being a bad guy pays off.

I’m trying like hell to hold back and not move too fast. Morgan isn’t the sort of girl you take home for a quick fuck. She’s the girl you earn whatever she decides to give you.

Her breath hitches in her throat. A soft moan escapes her parted lips when I brush my thumb across her nipple over the lace of her bra.

I know I told her no panties, but I won’t push her into sex. I get the feeling this is the furthest she’s let a guy get, and I feel privileged.

I don’t know what it is about her, but something pulls me to her.

There’s something much deeper between us, as if I know her from a different life.

“Cole, I-…” she pauses.

“You what Morgan?”

“I don’t know what I’m doing. Should I be touching you or something?” She looks so lost, it’s sweet.

I’ve not been with a girl who didn’t love sex.

This is a first.

Fuck, I’ve never dated a virgin.

“What do you want to do Morgan, just follow your instincts. We’ll go at your pace. I’ll never pressure you to go further than you want to.”

“Sounds good, I just feel stupid. You’re all hot as balls and I’m Sister Mary when it comes to fooling around. I mean you’re not the first guy I’ve kissed or anything. It’s just….. this will sound so fucking dumb.” She shakes her head.

The thought of any other guy ever touching her, kissing her…has me wanting a list of their names so I can track them down and beat the shit out of them for ever touching what’s mine.

“Hey, whatever it is I’m sure I won’t think it’s dumb. Just tell me.” I give her a quick peck to the lips and she comes back for more. Her fingers fist my hair as she twists around so that she’s straddling me.

Goddamn,” I growl as she grinds her hips, rolling her virgin cunt against my crotch. I have to pull back for some air and slow her down. “So, what’s this thing?”

Her eyes dart downward and she laces her fingers with mine. “Like I said, it’s dumb, weird, whatever. I’m adopted. I told you. Well, I don’t know who my dad was or is, whatever. I’ve never really dated and let anything go further than a kiss or two, because…what if I really fall for a guy and we get close.What if it got serious and we slept together or even had kids someday only to find out we’re related?”

I take a deep breath. I don’t know what I thought she’d say. That maybe  she was a good girl and sex is against her religion or something?

“That’s twisted.” My mind drifts to the family I’ve never met and in a way I can understand her worry. I don’t know any of my relatives. Shit, Morgan could be my cousin for all I know.

I don’t want to follow that train of thought though. We sure as fuck don’t look alike or anything. But then again, just because we don’t look alike doesn’t mean anything.  However, I’m, not entertaining the thought.

“I feel you, but that’s no way to live.”

“You make me want to try. You make me want to let my guard down. Is that crazy? We don’t even know each other. But there’s just something about you. You make me feel…safe…like you’re…familiar.” Her soft eyes are trained on mine and I wonder what all is running through that pretty head of hers.

“Not crazy at all. We’ll take our time and get to know each other. I want you to trust me and I like how open you are. Not many girls are honest and so forthcoming. You’re definitely unlike anyone I’ve ever met. I guarantee if we’d met  before now you’d have made a lasting impression. You’re unforgettable.”

She grins. “That’s an awful lot of sweet coming from  an outlaw,” she teases, leaning in for another kiss.

Falling back on the mattress I bring Morgan with me. I feel like I’m fifteen again and getting past second base for the first time.

We lay on my bed with our legs and arms tangled, doing nothing much other than kissing.

She starts getting braver, her nails rub over my chest under my shirt. She’s not as nervous as she was earlier. As much as I’d love to get her naked, to touch and taste that uncharted pussy, I’m cool with just this.

I’ll take what she wants to give me. I never felt this way with Harper. It makes me sound like an ass, but I’d go over to her house and let her suck me off, then I’d leave to go ride with my friends, leaving her behind unsatisfied.

I don’t want to be that prick with Morgan.

She deserves better.

Having that thought pop into my head is another first. I’m a greedy bastard who normally wouldn’t care about much more than getting off.

My phones rings and I know without looking at my screen who it is.


She always calls me when she gets in, and I never answer. Not since I moved here.

“You want to get that?” Morgan asks.

“Nope. Only person I want to talk to is already here.”

“We aren’t doing much talking.” She bites her lip and it’s so sexy. She doesn’t even realize she’s doing it either.

Fucking Harper read some book Fifty Shades or something and she was constantly biting her lip. Said the book told her it’s a real turn on. It never did shit all for me when she’d do it, but Morgan, fuck. Sexy as all get out.

“You complaining?” I smirk, running my fingers along the waistband of her jeans.

“Nope,” she pops the P, laying her head on my chest as I rub circles on her back.

We must fall asleep at some point.

I wake with Morgan still curled against me and a light knock at my bedroom door.


“Hey man, I’m gonna crash on the couch. Your girl’s friend is sleeping in my bed.”

“Solid,” I tell him and crawl back in bed with my girl.

Morgan doesn’t even flinch as I get back in bed and wrap my arms around her. The girl is out like a light.

Add to your TBR here: Blood Of A Rebel


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