It’s been a rough week for so many. I wanted to do a  little something to bring  smiles to some faces. Your faces. So, what have I done, I decided to bundle three of my standalone new adult books. For a limited time this set will be .99 cents. Yes, three books under a dollar. It’s a steal, I’m practically giving them away. Why? Because I like your smile and your support means a lot to me. Side note, I am working on the paperback version too!

Happy Reading!


Three couples on different journeys…
In life, we are faced with choices, chances, and consequences. Find out who must make a hard CHOICE when it comes to love, who must take a CHANCE on love, and uncover what the CONSEQUENCES for making a choice and taking a chance on love may cost them…

The Suffocation of Katie

I’m with You

When It Rains
Amazon US
Amazon  UK
Amazon CA
Amazon AU


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